Substitute Plans

Sub Plans for May 8

Period 1 - Prep                       Period 5 - Intro to Business
Period 2 - Intro to Business       Period 6 - Intro to Digital Media
Period 3 - PACE C                     Period 7 - Intro to Digital Media
Lunch                                    Lunch
Period 4 - PACE C                     Period 8 - Prep

April 19th (Fri)

Introduction to Business

Period  2

Rose Meng will be teaching this class


Per 3 & 4

You will teach per 3 and Ms. Meng will teach per 4.

Students will need to log into their Google Account and into Moodle,

15 min - Current Event Forum (in Moodle under the Game of Life), “College Entry Strategy”.  Students will read the article and answer the prompt.  They are then to respond to two of the peers, agreeing with them but adding something to the argument, or disagreeing with them and stating why.

5 Min - How to use the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 to take a screen shot.

30 min - Technical Writing Budget Instructions. 

Your task today is to write instructions on how to construct a properly formatted balanced budget. About 20 steps. Some of you will tell me that you can do it in 5 steps, but they won't be very specific - and not very good.

Much like instructions on how to build something, how to cook a particular recipe, or how to put together a model, you will basically write instructions on how to make a budget.

You must assume that who you are writing these instruction for someone has no knowledge of what a budget is. You must be very detailed and thorough. Let’s assume that our readers know what their take home pay is.

You should use illustrations (you know, pictures) to help your reader understand how to make a budget.

I have put up examples of instructions on the website for you to get an idea of how instructions are written.

When you have completed your instructions on how to create a budget, you may try your hand and following the instructions from one of the examples for extra credit. Be sure to put your name on it.

Extra Credit Opportunities:

Origami Frog, Paper Airplane, Fortune Teller


If you have any questions, please call me using the gadget below.
Bill Blevins
Classroom Set-up

The teacher computer in the front of the room should already be on.  Turn on the both monitors.  They are both attached to the same computer. Turn on the LCD projector in the front of the room.  What is on the left monitor will be displayed on the projector.

Logging into Moodle

All classes utilize Moodle (A Classroom Management System).  This is where students can look at assignments, turn in assignments, take quizzes, post to classroom forums, etc.

Go to, hover over "Links" and select the Moodle appropriate class

Sign in with the following:
username:  studentjoe11
password: wyatt
(this is a fake student account and shows what students will see)

You should now be in the Moodle course.

Scroll down to the appropriate section for the day's lesson OR
Click on the down arrow on the "Jump To" button at the bottom of the page.