It wasn't easy to find, but here it is - The 1986 championship weightlifting team.  Rallis would be proud.  Tight tank tops, tighter shorts, feathered hair, and even a stache' or two.  Are those moccasins in the front row?  Is that Tab Thacker in the back?  A no socks look for Jeff. Steve appears to be out flexing eveyone around him.  And who put Daid Heny in the corner - nobody puts baby errrrr David in a corner. It's a who's who of late 80's DDHS.  B.F.S. forever baby.

Question - Why does this picture look like it was taken in 1954?.

But what if I need to run through here after throwing eggs at Kim Krauss' house?

It's a sad day when the city closes a major arterial to "The Little Store".  What would Shakes think of this?

I don't remember it being so crowded at the church.  Perhaps it's the 4-plex in the parking lot. Or maybe the duplex where the garage used to be.  At least the Schlegal house (picture soon to follow) is still down the street. 

Sometimes on the way to school, many of our fine students want to show off the literacy skills they learned in school as well as let everyone know what activities they are involved in.