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A Day
Seniors Last Day

Insurance Research Project

Create an appealing presentation that covers your topic thoroughly.   You will create 5 quality multiple choice quiz questions with a minimum of 4 answer choices, that someone would be able to answer after viewing your presentation.  You will present this to the class the following day.  

  1. Renters Insurance
  2. Homeowners Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Life Insurance (whole/term)
  5. Umbrella Insurance
  6. Oregon Health Plan
What is it?
Why would someone use it? What if someone doesn't have it?
What types of policies are there? 
What discounts are available?
Cost of insurance?
Lingo (Vocab) we need to know.

You will place your quiz questions at the end of the presentation. 

You will create this presentation using  You will need to sign up for an account - it's free!

Here's an example of a Prezi designed by DDHS students.  It's not perfect, but it gives you an idea of how it works.

How to use Prezi

Prezi Requirements -  Don't put too much information at each path.  Don't write in paragraphs - it's too much too read - think short sentences or bullets. Only insert images that allow for reuse.

Feel free to add a Youtube video in your.  Click on insert and then Youtube.

If you just want to put a portion of a Youtube video in your presentation, use  You will get a URL address that will play only the part of the video you want.  Place that URL in your presentation. 

Your first slide will be the title of your presentation, the first and last names of the authors and the period you are in. 

You will present your Prezi to the class.

Finally, when done, everyone in your group needs to put the link of your presentation in - Insurance Presentation in Moodle and type in your 5 multiple choice quiz questions. And yes, indicate which is the correct answer. 

From the quiz questions that everyone submits, you will take an insurance quiz after everyone has presented.



TheLandlord /Tenant presentation used people speaking or thinking instead of titles and bullets. It does take more time, but it's worth it. Look over 6 Alternatives to Bullet Lists
B Day
A Day

Pride Lesson

Finish Insurance Presentations.

Finish 5 multiple choice quiz questions.

Begin Class Presentations of Insurance :)
B Day
A Day


Present your slideshow to the class.  Rubric for presentation.

Quiz on Insurance

Read the article on sharing passwords from The New York Times

Identity Theft Forum - Respond to two classmates.

Per 1 - Review for Final Exam
Log into Google Docs.  Go to File/Make a Copy
B Day
A Day

Final Exams
Per 1 FINALS - 8:00 - 9:25
Per 2 9:35 - 11:00
Per 3 11:10 - 12:35
Late Lunch
Per 4 - 1:15-2:40

Identity Theft
Teen Identity Theft Video

Identity Theft Slideshow

Class Evaluation

Per 1 - Review for Final Exam
Log into Google Docs.  Go to File/Make a Copy

B Day

Final Exams
Per 5 FINALS - 8:00 - 9:25
Per 6 9:35 - 11:00
Per 7 11:10 - 12:35
Late Lunch
Per 8 - 1:15-2:40 
A Day
Final Exams

Per 2 FINALS 9:35 - 11:00
Per 3 FINALS 11:10 - 12:35

Late Lunch
Per 4 FINALS 1:15-2:40 
B Day
Final Exams

Per 6 FINALS 9:35 - 11:00
Per 7 FINALS 11:10 - 12:35

Late Lunch
Per 8 FINALS 1:15-2:40 
Teachers Only :)

Teachers Only