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PACE C January Calendar


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B Day

Congrats Ducks


A Day

Everest College
Presenter - Windy Hovda
"The Game Plan"
Yates Per 1 - 50 min - "Game Plan"
Blevins Per 2
Blevins Per 3
Blevins Per 4

College Entry Strategy Forum (It's at the bottom of the Post Secondary Education Section).  Reply to two of your classmates.


B Day

Everest College
Green-Hite Per 7

A Day

Progress Reports Due

Everest College
Yates - Per 1
Green-Hite Per 4

Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws - go over with class.

Would you sign this lease or rental agreement? Use this Lease and Rental Agreement example to answer the questions

Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities
- Review with class

"Real" Lease Agreement



B Day

A Day

How to Move Out of Home Into Your First Apartment Forum. Respond to two classmates.

One the forum, list two things you learned from this article that you may have not thought of on your own and why you believe that it may be helpful to you in the future.

Respond to two of your classmate's postings. Find someone who listed something other than yours.

Double check your Moodle account to make sure you have taken the Credit Quiz and Compound Interest/Rule of 72 Quiz.  Many of you were "sick" the Friday before break and have not completed it.  You have one day left.

Auto and Home Insurance Pre-Test

Insurance forum question.  Respond to one classmate.

Begin Insurance Slideshow


B Day

Presentation on Financial Aid/FAFSA Deadlines 10:30am-11:30am.

Students will check into class and then be released to one of the three presentation sites.


6:30pm - 8:00pm District College Night - Room 168.

A Day

Research Project

Create an appealing presentation that covers your topic thoroughly.   You will create 5 quality multiple choice quiz questions with a minimum of 4 answer choices, that someone would be able to answer after viewing your presentation.  You will present this to the class the following day. 

  1. Renters Insurance
  2. Homeowners Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Life Insurance (Term)
  5. Life Insurance (Whole)
  6. Umbrella Insurance
  7. Oregon Health Plan
What types of policies are there?  What discounts are available, costs of insurance, and lingo (Vocab) we need to know. You will place your quiz questions at the end of the presentation.

Slideshow Requirements - Use at least 20pt font. Use graphics (pictures) to represent your idea. Don't put too much information on one slide.  Don't write in paragraphs on a slide. Only use images that allow for reuse (the advanced search is in the gear in the upper right-hand of Google's website.  Click on "Labeled for Re-use". Try and be more creative than using bullets (they're getting old).  The Landlord/Tenant presentation used people speaking or thinking instead of titles and bullets. It does take more time, but it's worth it. Look over 6 Alternatives to Bullet Lists

Your first slide will be the title of your presentation, the first and last names of the authors and the period you are in.

Finally, when done, download the slideshow as a pdf file and put it in Moodle - Insurance Presentation.


B Day
 15     16

No School

A Day

Complete slideshow on insurance

When done, download the slideshow as a pdf file and put it in Moodle - Insurance Presentation.

Present your slideshow to the class.  Rubric for presentation.

B Day
A Day

It's way too early for Senioritis - show up for class slackers

Finish Insurance Presentations

Insurance Quiz

Final Exam Review
B Day

A Day

Class Evaluation

Read the article on sharing passwords from The New York Times
Identity Theft Forum - Respond to two classmates.

Identity Theft
Teen Identity Theft Video

Identity Theft Slideshow

Review for Final Exam


Semester Exams
Period 2 - 9:45-11:06
Period 3 - 11:16 - 12:39
Period 4 - 1:18 - 2:40

Be at bus stop at 8:50

Semester Exams
Period 6 - 9:15-10:45
Period 7 - 10:55 - 12:25
Period 8 - 1:10 - 2:40

Be at bus stop at 8:30

Semester Exams
Period 1 - 8:00-9:25
Period 5 - 9:35 - 11:00

No School
A Day

Guest Speaker for Green-Hite

Your Teacher

Class Overview

Log in to Google Docs

Open Moodle account - use school issued email if you don't have a personal email account

Getting to know you handout

Introduction to Forums

Budget Slideshow
Why Budget?
5 min Task
Where does the $ go?
Budgeting Vocab
Reasons for Spending Plan (6 slides)

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
If you are logged in to your school Google account, you can go to File>Make a Copy

B Day

Guest Speaker for Green-Hite



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