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Final Exam

posted Jan 24, 2011, 9:07 AM by Bill Blevins   [ updated Jan 24, 2011, 9:26 AM ]
Business Card in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Your customer is looking for a company logo that they can use in all of their business communications and advertising. A good business logo should be:
    • Relatively square or circular in proportion
    • Use fewer than 3-4 colors and be recognizable in black and white
    • Show the character of the company
    • Be visually simple and easy to recognize in any situation, be it on a business card or on a highway billboard.
  1. Business Cards should all be TWO SIDED! Your customer is going all out, please incorporate an eyecatching design on the BACK of the business card, as well as the front! This means that you will have to create TWO canvases, one for the front of the card and one for the back!
  2. Cards should be created on 4 x 7 (or 7 x 4) inch PhotoShop or Illustrator canvas. PLEASE NOTE that this is a DOUBLE SIZED canvas from an actual business card, to give you more room to work! You can use either a landscape or a portrait card. If you wish to use a non-standard shape or size for your business card design, that is fine. Please make sure that you include both the front and back of your design and have an actual reason for using a different size card (other than "I thought it would look cool.")
  3. Be eyecatching and colorful (backgrounds and colors are up to you as the designer.). Your designs should reflect the personality and products of the company! DO NOT simply stick a photograph on the card and copy and paste the business text and say you are done, I expect you to DESIGN this card. If you are stuck, come see Mr. B. for ideas.
  4. Display the company logo prominently.
  5. Include the Owner’s Name, Company Name, Business Address and Phone Number and Website Address. All of this information is seen below. DO NOT change this information in any way! If you wish, you ARE allowed to leave out some of the information, such as the owner's name. Please make sure that you include AT LEAST the business name and website address. You can use any fonts, colors, sizes that you want for the business information.
What makes a good business card:


John Fosmire, Owner

The Business Name

2500 SE 136th Ave

Portland, OR 97236

Phone: 503-555-1234

Website Address:

Pick one of the companies to design a logo for.

The Bent Spoke- Bicycles: Started as a used bicycle shop, now specializes in mountain and off road
The Feather Tree- Antiques: Owned by an older lady who specializes in collectible antiques and furniture.
April Flowers- Flowers: Small flower shop specializing in personalized bouquets and arrangements.
The Collection:  Automobiles- Specializing in new and used high end automobiles, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Bouncing Ball Books- Children’s Books: Small, cozy bookstore, specializing in picture books and bedtime stories for younger children.

The Big Sweet- Candy: All types of candy from hard candies to chocolates, all handmade in the store.

Diva Shoe Fetish-
Ladies Shoes:
High end shoes for the trendy and fashionable woman.
Game Crazy- Video Games: New and used video games and consoles for all platforms.
1928 Jewelry: Specializing in vintage and contemporary jewelry and wedding sets.
Parts Train- Auto Parts: New and reconditioned parts for older model cars.
Hit, Run Score- Sports Equipment: Specializing in sports equipment for youth and school teams.
Vicious Style- Fashion Goods and Accessories: Specializing in accessories, jewelry and bags for the fashion conscious and trendy young woman.
Kitty Hawk-
: Specializing in Hang Gliders, Kites, Kiteboarding and Parasailing.
Verve- Photography: Gallery specializing in Black and White and Fine Art Photography. Mo’s Smokehouse- BBQ Restaurant: Hickory Smoked BBQ on slow cooked beef, pork and chicken.
Audio Oasis- Audio Equipment: Specializing in highest end and vintage audio and recording equipment. Hanger 94- Extreme Sports Gear: Ski, Skate and Surf gear, clothing and accessories. Kahoots- Pet Store: Everything for your Dog or Cat, but lots of fresh and saltwater fish, snakes, spiders, turtles and other exotic pets.
The Sound Factory- Musical Instruments: Specializing in Guitars, but offering a wide range of musical instruments.
The Raven- New Age Shop: Specializing in crystals, rocks, minerals and other metaphysical and healing products.  Zazzle- Custom T-shirts: Specializing in custom and one of a kind T-shirts. 
Hot Buttered- Surfboards: Specializing in Hand Made and Hand Painted Custom Surfboards based upon classic designs of the past. 
 David Douglas High School: A diverse school with over 3,000 students located in Southeast Portland.