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Final Exam for Digital Media 2012

Your job is to recreate these projects

Complete 1 project from two of the categories to have the opportunity to earn a B

Complete 1 project from each of the categories to earn an A

You may look at past projects, use the Internet, or look at my previous instruction to complete any project.

Adobe Flash

Flash Wrapper

Flash Wrapper

Hint: I did not make this worm frame by frame.  The body was a movie clip symbol that was repeating over and over. 

Download moon.png image

Adobe Illustrator
Use the image of the Scotsman below to help make the logo.
Put this on a 4" x 4" canvas.
The font type used is "Playbill"

Click on the Scotsman before downloading it.

Adobe Photoshop

Turn this image into an out of bounds photo.
Again, click on it first, before saving it.  You'll get a larger image.

The font used for "The Rose City" is Palace Script MT
Bill Blevins,
Jan 26, 2012, 9:16 AM
Bill Blevins,
Jun 6, 2012, 1:10 PM