Using the Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator

posted May 18, 2011, 10:09 AM by Bill Blevins   [ updated May 20, 2011, 2:14 PM ]

Open up Adobe Illustrator
Let's make this graphic 3x8 inches

Get a picture of a cloud off of the Internet (find one that is labeled for reuse) and copy it (CTRL + C)
Paste it on to Illustrator
Make sure it fits in the parameters of the size (the green box)
Type in text
highlight text
Select/Object/All on the Same Layer
Object/Clipping Mask
Open sub layers in the Layers section
Lock image and move text around

Make a rectangle on top of the text
Give it a color
Create new layer
Move it to the bottom
Select the path the rectangle is in and move it down to layer 2 to move the rectangle behind the text.

Now let's make one for Portland...3x5 inches

Now, make a clipping mask image with your name and an image that represents you.

Also, create one for David Douglas High School.

Put all 4 of these on your website.