Filters and Effects in Illustrator

posted May 26, 2011, 8:54 AM by Bill Blevins   [ updated Jun 1, 2011, 3:38 PM ]

Filters vs Effects
Effects can be undone, filters cannot (except for Edit/Undo)
Effects show up in the appearance palette and van be modified or deleted there, either by double clicking fx or dragging fx into garbage

Drop Shadow
Add to a shape
Add to a text
Change color of shadow
Move drop shadow over another object, it should be semi-transparent

Make a square with a fill color
Select Rectangle - Effect/Pucker & Bloat
Look at the appearance palette, it should show 1) Pucker & Bloat fx 2) Stroke color 3) Fill Color
Double click fx, on appearance palette, make some changes
Remove Pucker & Bloat by pulling fx into garbage

Create 5 more Effects/Filters on different objects.  Label the Effect/Filter you used - Be Creative!

Create a line
Click "Preview"
Change rotation
Look at different shading
Add a new light by clicking on the "new light" icon toward the bottom
Change the shading color

Create two new 3D shapes using just a line

Add a symbol into the symbol gallery - click on the Symbol Libraries Menu - Click Flowers - Pull a flower symbol into the Symbol Palette - Put in a butterfly as well
Make a star symbol, give it a fill color
Effect/3D/Extrude & Bevel
Click preview
Map Art - Click symbol drop down arrow  - select butterfly - scale to fit - OK
Rotate star, notice how the butterfly moves with the star

Do this to two other shapes

Here is your assignment:

Recreate this image