Fadi Labib Student Lesson

posted Mar 31, 2011, 1:16 PM by Bill Blevins

Photoshop Project instruction

Section 1:

1.      Download the “Gorilla.jpg” and the “Cola.jpg” to your computer and open Photo shop.

2.      Upload the two images to Photo shop either by selecting the 2 pictures and dragging them to Photo shop or by Opening the bridge icon and uploading them. 


3.      Click on arrange document  and choose "Float All in Windows"


4.      Click in the Cola image and right click in Eraser  choose magical Eraser and click in the back ground.


5.      No we have to delete the reflection of the Cup; to do that you will need to right click the same icon you just used to select the magical eraser, but this time choose eraser tool.

6.      Set your brush size to 20 pt (to do that you need to look under the bar that says (File – Edit – Image – Etc.) look at the tool bar underneath that and click on the second icon from the left.

7.      Adjust the brush diameter to 20pt. Then wipe out the cup reflection, as you get closer to the cup re size the brush or be extremely careful so you don’t wipe parts of the cup. (Fill free to use any other way if you think it’s easier).

8.      Now select the Move tool  (the first tool in the left of the screen), move the Cola to the gorilla Picture.


9.      Since the cola is bigger than the gorilla we will need to re size the cola by clicking Edit … Free Transform. (Fill free to close the original cola picture you don’t need it anymore).  

10.  You will need to re size it later so just make sure you can see the Gorilla.

Section 2:

11.  Feel free to rename the layers but it’s not important for our purposes.

12.  Now we need to create the saying box. To do that, first choose the Pen Tool or Click (P) in your keyboard.

13.  Look under the bar that says (File – Edit – Image – Etc.)  And choose the 7th icon from the Left. (Your cursor should look like a cross when you hover over the picture.  Start drawing the Triangle next to the gorilla’s face (Don’t worry about how big it’s you will re size it later).

14.  To choose a Color for your box look under the bar that says (File – Edit – Image – Etc.) choose the last icon on the right. (It should be color: then A box with a color).

15.  Click that box and change the color to something you like it doesn’t have to be green if you don’t like it.

16.  Choose the tool under the “Pen tool” it should be “text tool” right click on it and make sure you select “horizontal type tool”.

17.  Click in any side of the box you just drawn to enter a text box inside it.

18.  Make sure you adjust the following setting before you start typing

-          Choose the 3rd icon from the right under the bar that says (File – Edit – Image – Etc.)

-          Pick a color that blends with your rectangle color or Black.

-              Choose 8th icon from the right and Pick 12pt.

-          Choose 9th icon from the right and pick “Bold condensed”

-          Write the Following in the text area (I’m thick of this food I want to try something new)  

19.    While pressing the Ctr in your keyboard select the Text and Shape layer (make sure both have a blue highlight around them). Right click in them and choose merge layers.

20.  Move the text box around to a place you like.

21.  Right click “the  pen tool” and choose “pen tool” first option

22.  Draw a diagonal line from the gorilla’s ear; it will extend both ways and that’s OK.

23.  Make sure the line is diagonal and is not very long or very short just something in between.

24.  Click at the bottom end of the line and extend another line until the shape is thick enough. (It might take a while but you will get use to it).

25.    Once you finish click Enter (it should be the same color as the box if not then change the color same way as you did before).

26.  Choose edit free transform, but this time point your cursor somewhere away from the shape you just draw you should be able to rotate it around.

27.  Rotate the shape so that it fits in one side of the box.

28.  Now again pick the first two layers from the top (they should not include the Gorilla or the cola).

29.  Same as before merge them together.  

30.  Choose the Move tool as before and move to a place where it will be pointing at the gorilla’s mouth.

Section 3:

31.  Draw a smaller one and type the word Like

32.  Use the move tool to move the cola somewhere next to the Text Box.

33.  Congratulation you are done.
If the project took longer time than you think then put the word like in the same text box and re position the cola in an appropriate place. 

images used/ final result