Baojia Student Lesson - Girl - change hair, eyes, smooth face

posted Apr 4, 2011, 2:42 PM by Bill Blevins

            Before                                                After

1. Open Photoshop
2. save the before photo to your desktop
3. open the picture in Photoshop
4. use a new layer and label hair
5. use the paint brush and color the hair
6. then use the eraser tool to delete any unnecessary parts of the hair
7. then click on the label normal and change to soft lights
8. Click on Images on the menu bar then click adjustments and then hue/sanitation 
9. then click colorize to change the lightness, saturation, and hue color
10. Repeat for Eyes, Teeth, Lips and the dress color.
11. This step is optional click on the smudge tool to smooth out the face if you want.