A Walk in the Park Adobe Flash assignment

posted May 2, 2011, 2:06 PM by Bill Blevins

Assignment: "A Walk in the Park"- Advanced Animation using Movie Clips in Flash

Overview: Students will be using Flash Movie Clips to animate a short film with the theme of “A Walk in the Park.” Your "park" can be anything, from the jungle to the moon, as long as all of the assignment requirements are met.

The Project:

  1. Start with a blank stage, you can change the color of the stage if you wish.
  2. Think of what your want your “Walk in the Park” to look like. Any park would be fine, with any school appropriate activity going on in the park.
  3. Remember RULE NUMBER #: The LAYER RULE: “Everything that moves gets its own layer.”
  4. Create a background layer, using your brushes or line tools. Color in the entire background that will not be moving. To make sure that nothing happens to mess up your background layer, you might want to click the DOT underneath the LOCK icon on your background layer to lock it. You can unlock it at any time by reclicking the LOCK icon.
  5. Now, start adding your layers for each of the moving objects in your animation.
  6. Begin on frame one of your first layer, use your line tool or your brush tool to begin drawing your object that will be in motion.
    • Once you have your object drawn, select it and go to Modify/Convert to Symbol and turn your object into a MOVIE CLIP.
    • Now, if you DOUBLE-CLICK on the MOVIE CLIP, an editing screen will come up, allowing you to animate your movie clip.
    • Using Frame by Frame or Shape or Motion Tweening, animate how your object will be moving. MAKE SURE THAT YOU KEEP YOUR OBJECT FIXED IN PLACE. DO NOT MOVE IT AROUND THE SCREEN! If you do move your object around the screen, it will jump horribly and irrationally on the final animation.
    • When you have completed your animation of your movie clip, click on SCENE 1 in the upper left corner of your stage. This will take you back to your original scene.
  7. Now, use keyframes and Motion Tweening to move your animated movie clip around the screen as necessary.
  8. Complete your animation! You will need one layer for the background, plus FIVE different layers for FIVE different movie clips. Good possibilities for movie clips:
    • Wiggling worms
    • Shining suns
    • Puffing clouds
    • Flapping birds
    • Walking people
    • Flicking tails on squirrels, dogs, etc.
    • Shining rainbows
    • Flaming comets
    • Blooming flowers
    • Dripping raindrops

 Naming Layers 10         
 Naming Symbols 10
 Background 10
 Movie Clip 1 10
 Movie Clip 2 10
 Movie Clip 3 10
 Movie Clip 4 10
 Movie Clip 5 10

If you put minimal effort into this project, expect to get a minimal grade.  But you knew that.