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PACE B September Calendar

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Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
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A Day

Your Teacher

PRIDE Presentation 

Getting to know you handout

13 Peer Interview Questions
1) What is your name?
2) If you had to choose an animal that best describes you, what is it and why?
3) What is a dream vacation/adventure for you?
+ Your 10 - Try and be creative with your questions.  

You will interview one student that the teacher chooses for you :)

You must write down the answers to your questions. 

6 7
A Day

Pep Assembly

Presentations of Interviewee to the class. 

Class and teacher can ask questions after presentation. 

9 10
A Day

Presentations of Interviewee to the class. 

Class and teacher can ask questions after presentation. 

7 Habits Group Project

Your group will complete 4 of the following projects.  All items will be saved as a .pdf or image file before being uploaded to moodle (except the video - just paste the web link).  Take a picture of your poster and upload the image. 

1) A cartoon based on your habit using http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/ 

  1. It must show several characters discussing the importance of adopting your habit.
  2. It must have at contain at least 3 strips
  3. Email the cartoon to yourself when done.  You can't save it online.   

2) An Animoto PhotoMovie http://animoto.com/ or Windows Movie Maker (Save as movie for computer)

  1. Photomovie must have at least 9 slides
  2. Must include important information from the chapter
  3. Must include images AND text that explains the key components of you habit A handout
  4. You the Free option for movies no longer than 30 seconds
3) A poster (bigger than an 8.5x11 piece of printer paper) that gives a visual representation of your “habit” 
  1. Use a poster board or a large piece of paper (bigger than an 8.5”x11” piece of printer paper)
  2. Should be a visual representation of your habit
  3. Must be able to be read from anywhere in the class
  4. Hand-drawn pictures and printed pictures from the internet and magazines okay

4) Five question quiz (a blank quiz and an answer key) that accurately assesses how well your classmates learned the information from your chapter 

  1. Five Questions (should be multiple choice)
  2. Cover ALL the important information from the habit you researched.
  3. Make sure the questions in the quiz are covered on the poster, video, and or comic strip.
A Day

Special Schedule for Planner Hand-out
Per. 1  8-9:20
Per. 2 9:30-11:10 Handbook Discussion
Per. 3  11:20-12:40
Per. 3  11:50-1:10
2nd Lunch  12:40-1:20
Per. 4 1:20-2:40

Student Planner
Dress Code pg. 33
New East County Truancy pg. 9
Attendance Policy pg. 9
New Drug Policy pg. 15
Electronic Devices pg. 40
Different format for hall passes, in the weekly calenders, in planner.

Review of 7 Habits 20 minutes

7 Habits Group Activity
Split up class into 7 groups. Assign each group one of the habits.  Requirements:  
Complete all 4 activities for the 7 Habits.

A Day

Review of 7 Habits

Finish and present 7 Habits

18 19
A Day

Review and Update Resumes

Confessions of a Recruiting Director

Resume Examples

Update your personal resume.  Leave Objective blank.  Peer review for errors.  

A Day

Resume Objective. 
Seeking job shadow experience in the Business and Management Career Learning Area: ideally with a certified public accountant. 

A Day

Career Exploration
CIS Activities
Help Wanted Ad - find an actual one, create your own
Requirements - education, training, personality, location, salary
Identify actual employers
Where can you get the required education/training

A Day