Daily Assignment


Select 3 of the 5 to write about - You do not need to write the scenario:

1. Newly married couple, ages: 20's, rent home, two full-time jobs

2.  Single parent with two school-aged children, own home, full time job

3.  Couple, ages: 60's one spouse self employed, one spouse working part-time, own home.

4.  Couple, ages:  40's, two teenagers, one of whom is graduating from high school

5.  Single, age:  30's, rent apartment, anticipate job layoff

For each scenario:

What types of financial decisions might need to be made for the families? (at least 3)?   For example #4 - couple might have to pay money for kid to go to college.

Identify at least two unexpected events that might affect the family's financial planning.

Turn in basket when completed.